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The best real estate agents share on SAM-MLS.

Through SAM-MLS, consultants disclose among themselves, exclusively raised properties and customers willing to purchase a property. Automatically, SAM-MLS creates matches between real estate and buyers, increasing business speed.

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Are you going to sell a property?

I want to sell
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Do you want to buy a property?

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Are you going to sell a property?

If you want to sell a property quickly and for the best value, sign an exclusive mediation agreement with a SAM-MLS registered consultant.

Your property is promoted in a network of hundreds of consultants who have clients looking for a property like yours.

With automatic matching between buyers' interests and real estate characteristics, new business opportunities are searched every day in SAM-MLS.

Vai vender uma propriedade? 2

With SAM-MLS, new sales opportunities are created every day.

Quer comprar um imóvel? 1

Do you want to buy a property?

Finding the right property is not easy.

Not always the agencies have what you are looking for, so buying a home takes longer than desired.

SAM-MLS consultants have real estate listed by hundreds of colleagues from other agencies.

That is, they have many more options to show you. SAM-MLS searches, automatically and daily, all listed properties that match what you need.

Thus, your agent works every day to find your property.